Gladys Baya

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  1. When you first join an online community, you should...
  2. Your answer:
    tell the group why they're lucky to have you with them now
    introduce yourself and share your expectations with the group
    keep quiet, so that you don't affect interaction in the established community
    post all your doubts about teaching and computers (or any other topic!)

  3. Lurking (observing the group's activity quietly) is...
  4. Your answer:
    wrong, one should not take advantage of other people's work online like that.
    OK, especially at the first stages of your online interaction.
    good, especially if you're not an expert on the topic.
    a must, unless you're invited to lead a discussion, or asked a question directly

  5. Which of the following makes the best subject line?
  6. Your answer:
    August 26, 2006
    Request for help
    Problems uploading photos to our Frappr map
    Message from Gladys

  7. How should you sign messages in a group?
  8. Your answer:
    your full name, degree and email address
    your full name, country, place of work and favourite quotation
    with your Yahoo user name
    your name (as you'd like the group to address you)

  9. What's the best way to greet somebody on a personal event (e.g. birthday)?
  10. Your answer:
    Post the group, so that everybody knows you've greeted them
    Contact them off-list (e.g. via email), so as to avoid overwhelming the list
    Post them via email and on the list, so that they don't miss your greeting
    Do not greet them, online groups are not for socializing!

  11. Which is true about using BLOCK LETTERS in your messages?
  12. Your answer:
    It's inappropriate, equivalent to shouting in f2f interaction.
    It's an appropriate way of helping readers with sore eyes.
    It's fine, though it doesn't look nice...
    It's OK, letters are just that!

  13. When replying to messages, you should...
  14. Your answer:
    not include the original message at all.
    include the whole original message(s)
    include the whole digest for the original message
    include only the relevant sections of the original message(s)

  15. Flaming (Criticizing harshly on a web site, blog, e-mail etc.)is...
  16. Your answer:
    acceptable if provoked by a previous post.
    unacceptable, sometimes even a reason to be banned from an online community.
    natural in an online community, people quarrel from time to time.
    not recommendable, but sometimes unavoidable, due to intercultural misunderstandings.

  17. If going away, or unable to participate in online interaction for a while, you should...
  18. Your answer:
    ask the group not to discuss important issues until you join them back.
    do nothing.
    let the group know you'll be "away", and offer some way to contact you for urgent issues, if possible.
    tell the group all about while you won't be able to interact regularly.

  19. If you should decide to unsubscribe, first you should...
  20. Your answer:
    do nothing. Simply request unsubscription.
    post a message saying goodbye.
    post a message explaining why you're unsubscribing.
    post a message explaining why you're unsubscribing and thanking everyone for what they've given you.

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