Hurricane Quiz

Marissa DeAntonis

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Think of the worst storm you can imagine. The wind is whipping and rain is pouring down. The trees sway back and forth, rivers and streams start to fill up, and the ocean waves grow powerful and menacing. What kind of storm is this? It's a hurricane, one of the worst nightmares nature can dish out. Take this quiz from the movie to find out how much you learned about hurricanes. When you are done with the quize click "submit" to send your answers.

  1. Where do hurricanes form?
  2. Your answer:
    over warm water
    over the mountains
    on land
    over cold water

  3. What does a hurricane start off as?
  4. Your answer:
    a storm
    a tornado
    a typhoon
    tidal wave

  5. Which of these places might see a lot of hurricanes?
  6. Your answer:
    the Caribbean
    the North Pole

  7. How do hurricanes swirl in the Northern Hemisphere?
  8. Your answer:
    left to right
    back and forth

  9. What is the region at the center of a hurricane called?
  10. Your answer:

  11. What would you find in the eye of the hurricane?
  12. Your answer:
    high winds and pouring rain
    relative calm

  13. How fast do a storm's winds have to be for it to be considered a hurricane?
  14. Your answer:
    38 mph
    75 mph
    102 mph
    10 mph

  15. How do meteorologists predict the location and direction of a hurricane?
  16. Your answer:
    they can't predict the location and direction
    by the placement of the moon
    using satellite images
    using underwater probes

  17. What happens when a hurricane passes over land?
  18. Your answer:
    the hurricane gets stronger
    the hurricane begins to run out of energy
    the hurricane turns into a snow storm

  19. Which of these statements is true?
  20. Your answer:
    hurricanes and tornadoes have nothing to do with one another
    hurricanes give rise to earthquakes
    hurricanes can give rise to tornadoes
    tornadoes can give rise to hurricanes

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