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  1. Which of the following is NOT a major factor in heating our oceans?
  2. Your answer:
    the sun
    condensation of water vapor from the air
    friction between ocean currents and landmasses
    contact with the Earth’s crust beneath the oceans

  3. How much of the Earth’s surface do the oceans cover?
  4. Your answer:

  5. What does an ocean contain?
  6. Your answer:
    salty water (lots of it)
    diverse life forms
    dissolved gases, minerals, and nutrients
    all of the above

  7. Why is water colder in the ocean depths than it is near the surface?
  8. Your answer:
    Water near the surface is heated by sunlight.
    The numerous fish near the surface heat the water with their bodies.
    The ocean floor is made of ice and cools the water next to it.
    All of the above are true.

  9. Humans cannot explore much of the ocean without technological assistance. Which of the following is a technology that assists in ocean exploration?
  10. Your answer:
    MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

  11. Even though ocean water is salty, it provides most of the freshwater for plants and animals all over the world. How does this happen?
  12. Your answer:
    The salt evaporates from the water when it flows onto land.
    Salt is filtered naturally out of the water when it leaves the ocean.
    Water from the ocean evaporates and falls as rain, snow, or hail.
    All of the above are true.

  13. Sunlight cannot reach the deepest parts of the ocean. As a result, creatures of the deep glow with chemically produced light called
  14. Your answer:
    black light.

  15. How does the gravitational pull of the sun and moon affect the ocean?
  16. Your answer:
    Gravitational pull causes the rise and fall of the tide.
    Gravitational pull affects the speed of ocean waves.
    Ocean temperatures are controlled by gravitational pull.
    Ocean depth is controlled by gravitational pull.

  17. Which of the following does NOT play a role in the creation of ocean currents?
  18. Your answer:
    rotation of the Earth
    water temperature

  19. How many times in one day will the tide rise and fall?
  20. Your answer:

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