How to Do Research Self-Check

OSLIS Elementary

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  1. Before doing research, you should
  2. Your answer:
    know what your assignment is
    decide what you need to find out
    figure out what you already know about the topic
    have an idea of what the end assignment should look like
    all of the above

  3. When planning your research, you should
  4. Your answer:
    think about the types of sources or materials to use
    know how many sources you need
    decide which keywords to use
    all of the above

  5. To find information for your assignment, you should
  6. Your answer:
    interview experts on the subject
    use the library
    use the Internet
    all of the above

  7. When you find your information, you should
  8. Your answer:
    copy it word-for-word
    skim or scan it to make sure it's what you need
    ask your librarian to read it with you

  9. Before using information, you should check to see if it's
  10. Your answer:
    up-to-date, a fact, or an opinion
    funny and makes you laugh
    available on video tape

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