Marven of the Great North Woods - Reading Test

Ms. Garrett

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For Questions 1-5 (vocabulary), choose the answer choice that means about the same as the underlined word in each sentence. For Questions 6-15 (comprehension), use what you know about the story to answer each item.

  1. The hunters saw a grizzly.
  2. Your answer:
    large, fish-eating bird
    kind of a wild cat
    large, fierce kind of bear
    kind of tree

  3. Do you like flapjacks?
  4. Your answer:
    a game played with cards
    tools for lifting

  5. Grant bought a cord of wood.
  6. Your answer:
    a certain amount of cut wood
    a box used to store things
    a long flat-bottomed sled
    a thin, strong rope

  7. The hikers wore snowshoes .
  8. Your answer:
    skates with metal blades
    heavy boots lined with fur
    light frames worn on the feet for walking in deep snow
    long, narrow runners for gliding on snow

  9. Tom met us at the depot.
  10. Your answer:
    train station
    small restaurant

  11. Marven spent four months at a -
  12. Your answer:
    sports camp.
    logging camp.
    hunting camp.
    music camp.

  13. Marven's job was to -
  14. Your answer:
    keep the payroll.
    make breakfast.
    stack wood in the office.
    ring the morning bell.

  15. On the first morning, Marven ran to the bunkhouse to -
  16. Your answer:
    make sure the men were up.
    talk with Jean Louis.
    light the lamps.
    find an overcoat to wear.

  17. In this selection, you can tell that "Le've-toi!" means -
  18. Your answer:
    Get up!
    You're lazy!
    It's time for breakfast!
    Good morning!

  19. You can tell that Marven was -
  20. Your answer:
    stronger than Jean Louis.
    good with numbers.
    afraid of snow.
    glad to be away from his family.

  21. Which word best describes Marven in his job?
  22. Your answer:

  23. When he skied across the lake, Marven began to cry because -
  24. Your answer:
    his hands and feet were frozen.
    Jean Louis was laughing at him.
    he felt alone and afraid.
    the rest of his family had died.

  25. How did Jean Louis feel about Marven?
  26. Your answer:
    He thought Marven acted like a baby.
    He came to love him almost as a son.
    He thought Marven was a pest.
    He did not like taking care of him.

  27. When Marven didn't see his family at the train station, he probably thought that -
  28. Your answer:
    they had forgotten him.
    he should go back to the woods.
    everyone had died from the flu.
    he was at the wrong stop.

  29. How did Marven's experience away from home change him?
  30. Your answer:
    He was forced to grow up faster than most children his age.
    He began to depend on others to take care of him.
    He became afraid to get close to others because they would die.
    He realized he didn't really need his family.

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