Topic Sentence Quiz

Mrs. Wallace's Second Grade Class

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Write a topic sentence for each set of details. Click "submit" to send your answers. Your answers will be sent to Mrs. Wallace, after you are done. DO NOT ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE EMAIL BOX. SKIP IT THEN CLICK SUBMIT.

  1. * Karla washed the dishes. * She dried the dishes. * Then Karla cleaned the table.
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  3. * First, she wrapped the gift. * Then, she got dressed. * Finally, she was on her way.
  4. Your answer:

  5. * We did a few jumping jacks. * We ran two laps around the track. * We also jogged in place for 3 minutes.
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  7. * There was loads of mashed potatoes. * There was also bowls of spaghetti. * Then there was my favorite, chicken!
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