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  1. "Information Literacy" is best described as:
  2. Your answer:
    the ability to read complex documents
    The ability to locate, evaluate and use information effectively
    the ability to search the "free web" for information
    the ability to summarize informatioon you read

  3. To locate a book on the shelf in the library you need:
  4. Your answer:
    The title of the book eliminating the initial article (a, an, or the)
    Call number
    Author's Name
    ISBN number

  5. When searching the Internet, each underlined word or phrase is
  6. Your answer:
    a keyword search
    a standard command
    a subject search
    a link to another web site or web page

  7. The broadest search available in an electronic database (online catalog, subscription database) is:
  8. Your answer:
    Keyword search
    Author search
    Subject search
    Title search

  9. Information you find on the Internet
  10. Your answer:
    comes from many varied sources such as business, the government, or private citizens
    is far more reliable than books and magazines
    is required by law to be accurate, timely, and appropriate
    is factual because the Internet is constantly monitored by world educational organizations

  11. An example of a biased Web site would be
  12. Your answer:
    an airline listing future flights for advance reservations
    a drug company promoting a drug they produced
    a national news site giving weather reports
    a college library allowing access to its reference material

  13. To broaden a search, you would use the Boolean operator:
  14. Your answer:
    and not

  15. To narrow a search without eliminating a term, you would use the Boolean operator:
  16. Your answer:
    and not

  17. When searching a periodical index, you may wish to see the abstract of an article. AN ABSTRACT is defined as
  18. Your answer:
    a short, objective summary of an article
    a printout containing critical reviews of the article
    a list of information needed to locate a magazine, such as publication date, volume, and author
    a complete, full-text reading of an article

  19. A magazine CITATION will usually show you:
  20. Your answer:
    summaries of current non-fiction books
    choice of subject or keyword search
    author, title, date, number of pages
    full-text listing of a magazine article

  21. A ~(tilde) in the URL (address of a web page) indicates that the page is:
  22. Your answer:
    a page from a college or university
    a govenment page
    a personal page
    a page evaluated for accuracy

  23. If you are unable to locate information on your topic, you may be using the wrong keyword/subject heading. A good way to proceed would be to
  24. Your answer:
    try another computer
    stick with very broad terms and ideas
    try to use a synonym in place of the keyword/subject word you were searching
    give up and change your whole topic, then try again

  25. If you don't know anything about your topic, the best way to get started is to find background information in
  26. Your answer:
    any current biography
    a print or electronic encyclopedia article
    the vertical file
    the fiction book section

  27. When searching a database, a truncation symbol can be placed at the end of a word stem in order to:
  28. Your answer:
    Retrieve records with alternative endings (i.e. teen, teens, teenager)
    Ensure uniformity in the search
    Abbreviate the search
    Execute the search

  29. Which is potentially the most current or up-to-date source of information on any topic?
  30. Your answer:
    an article from a CD-ROM database
    a reference book
    an article or information from a World Wide Web site
    a hard copy of a magazine

  31. When using the Internet as an information source, it is important to remember:
  32. Your answer:
    Sites on the "free web" are all checked for accuracy
    All web sites are archived in the Invisible Web
    "Authority" is the most important criteria for judging a web site
    Sites on the 'free web' are better to use so you don't have to remember a login or password

  33. Criteria you should use to evaluate an information web site include all of the following EXCEPT
  34. Your answer:

  35. If you decide to use information from a website for your research project:
  36. Your answer:
    You can assume that all of the data or text is copyrighted
    You do not have to give credit to your souces since information on the web is not copyright protected
    You only have to cite text sources
    You may use the text or graphics freely unless they are specifically labeled as being copyrighted

  37. Plagiarism is:
  38. Your answer:
    Failing to use the correct format when citing your sources
    Using the ideas of another person in your work instead of using only your own ideas
    Improperly interpreting the authors in your sources
    Including the ideas of another person in your writing and failing to cite them properly

  39. What is the BEST way for you to get help with your research if you cannot find materials on your topic?
  40. Your answer:
    change your topic
    go to another library
    ask another student for help
    ask the librarian for help


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