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Sample Quizzes
What can you do with Quiz Center? Well, check these out. These are actual quizzes designed by Quiz Center users who have given us permission to display their work. Each quiz was created entirely with Quiz Center—no tricks!
Dr. Seuss Trivia Quiz
Questions about the work of the famous author. The quiz is automatically corrected on-screen after the answers are submitted.

Civil Rights Movement Day 1
Questions about the historical fight for civil rights. This quiz shows how you can add photographs and reference web links to accompany your questions. In addition, the quiz demonstrates the "correct and e-mail function" function. The quiz is sent to the teacher as an email message. The correct answers are not revealed.

Civil Rights Movement Day 2
This quiz is similar to the quiz above, except the quiz is automatically corrected on-screen after the answers are submitted.

Questions about the gigantic creatures that roamed the earth. This quiz shows how you can add graphical images to your questions.

Mozart Chamber Music Quiz
Questions about the famous composer. This quiz demonstrates how you can link to audio files housed on your personal or school server.

Quadratic Equations and Functions
An example of a math quiz that uses graphics to demonstrate mathematical concepts.

Quiz Center is also capable of creating quiz formats in multiple languages. All you have to do is input the text for the questions (using HTML tags for accents, when necessary). Once you select a language, the quiz will be displayed with all the standard formatting in your language of choice.

Búsqueda de tesoros gastronómicos
A fun quiz on food in Spanish.

Les Animaux Domestiques
A French vocabulary quiz on the names of domestic animals.

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