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Getting Kids to Do Their Own Homework
In many households, especially in the elementary grades, homework has evolved into a family obligation rather than an independent exercise for the child.

Creating a homework station is a good first step to fostering independence. Here are some additional tips.
  • Determine the Best Time for Homework
    As you start a new school year, it's a good idea to plan with your child when homework is to be done. The goal should be to select a regular time that is workable for everyone — both the family's schedule and your child's needs. Think about your child's temperament. Does she need to run around and get rid of some pent up energy after school? Does he need some "down time?" Homework time should not be a punishment, and there are many different ways to schedule it. If you can find the right time with your child — and be consistent about it — the whole process will be more peaceful, as well as more efficient and productive.
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