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Putting Homework in its Place
Parents and kids alike look towards the coming school year with both excitement and trepidation.

Depending on grade, school system, and teacher, each child's experience will be unique. Yet, there is one common challenge: Homework. Here are some tips I routinely give parents to help make homework a useful exercise — for everyone in the family.
  • Evaluate Where Homework Is Done
    As you start another year of homework, it's important to think about where homework is being done. Consider this: Kids love to get their parents to do as much of their homework as possible — from explaining directions and suggesting ideas to giving answers and correcting and retyping final copies. And kids are masters at it! Many have trained their parents to believe that they must be sitting with them, preferably in the kitchen or dining room, checking and overseeing each step. Score one for the kids; they can continue to be where the action is, do not have to figure out directions, can be as careless as they want, and still get their homework done on time with no mistakes!
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