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Fisher Price Outdoor Adventures Ranger Trail
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The Bottom Line
This title is enjoyable with its lively graphics and songs. Kids will learn some nature facts as they search for items on Ranger Rudy's clipboard, photograph the elusive Wonderoo creature, acquire badges, and ultimately earn the title of Junior Ranger.
Ages: 4-7  Subject: Adventure  Brand: The Learning Company
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image Product Overview
Exploring the great outdoors is fun with this adventure CD-ROM. Ranger Rudy guides kids through 7 activities at Camp Wonderoo that has them learning about 60+ wildlife animals, plants, rocks, fossils, and more. Before embarking on this fun adventure, kids must choose a "buddy". Along the way, players must search for items such as skunk cabbage and a minnow, on Ranger Rudy's clipboard.
  • Ranger Rudy needs help loading the bus with the right outdoor gear. They will decide that they won't need such things as a vacuum or a kitchen sink, but that a picnic basket and magnifying glass might come in handy!
  • At the campfire, kids listen to songs, such as Sa-ra-spon-da, as well as animal sounds.
  • Players learn about constellations as they match stars in the sky to the sky chart.
  • Children work with berries, feathers, leaves, and sticks to create cave paintings.
  • Kids embark on a friendly boat race in the stream with their "buddy"..

Once all of the items on the clipboard are found, there is a Nature Match Game that involves testing players' knowledge and earning a Junior Ranger Patch that recognizes them as Official Camp Wonderoo Junior Rangers.

There is a virtual camera feature that allows kids to take snapshots of anything they see on the screen by pressing on the spacebar. These photos will appear in the Camp Wonderoo Slide Show once players have earned their badges. There are printable "goodies" to be earned throughout the game, such as a supply bag, and a printable scrapbook.

Kids learn all sorts of interesting facts by clicking objects along the trail. For example, when they find an owl, they learn that "owls are nocturnal — that means that they come out at night".

Technically Speaking
Minimum requirements are Windows 95/98, a 486DX-66, 16 Mb RAM, and 4X CD ROM drive. Mac users require a Power PC, 16MB Ram, System 7.5.1 and a 4X CD ROM. Both require 14MB of hard disk space.

Skills Covered
nature and wildlife learning, early science concepts, art, creativity, respect for the environment

Educational Value
Kids will pick up some facts about nature and wildlife while they have fun "exploring".

Entertainment Value
From the wacky Camp Wonderoo salute to the playful animations, kids will be find this program appealing. Campfire songs are fun, and characters are charming.

This program is designed very well — young players should have no problems working through the adventure on their own. Navigation is straightforward and instructions are clear.

The adventure is not especially long, but kid testers found every reason to want to play it again and again.

Dollar Value
This title carries a reasonable suggested retail price of $20 US. Our copy came with 2 other Fisher Price software titles (Fisher Price Time to Play Pet Shop and Fisher Price Little People Christmas Activity Center — both very entertaining programs) which makes this package even more valuable.

Released: 1999