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Fisher Price Little People Discovery Farm: Toddlers
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The Bottom Line
A nice addition to your toddler software library. Recommended because of its bright and pleasing characters, but keep in mind that it falls a little short in content and, therefore, replayability.
Ages: 1 1/2-3yrs.  Subject: Early Learning  Brand: Davidson
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image Product Overview
(Note: Also called Fisher Price My Very First Little People Farm)

This software is based on the Fisher Price toy, Little People Discovery Farm. This means that all of the characters included with the toy, and the barn itself, appear on the screen and "come to life". The activities are simple and are as follows:

  • Old MacDonald Sing-Along: Toddlers click on each animal to hear them play their part in the sing-along.
  • Mommies and Babies: Match the babies with their mommies. The adult animals are hiding behind the barn doors, and toddlers need to remember where they are!
  • Feed the Animals: Farmer Jed tells your child what each animal wants, and kids choose between 3 food bins to feed the animals. Cute!
  • Growing Crops: Kids help Farmer Jed plant seeds in the garden, click on the sprinklers to water them, and harvest the crops after they have grown.
  • Counting Rabbits: Chase away rabbits by clicking (and counting) them one by one.

Here, kids help Farmer Jed match the baby animals with their mommies who are behind the barn doors.

There are 2 modes of play designed for young children just orienting themselves with the mouse:

  • Use the keyboard for kids who are not ready for the mouse: press any key and see the reaction on the screen.
  • Use the mouse to teach kids that clicking will create a reaction. Very simple swiping skills are needed.

This game is really quite straightforward. There is not a lot of content or variety in the program, but children will find the characters very appealing. Two activities have stood out as favorites with my youngest daughter: she loves to feed the animals, and often purposefully feeds animals the wrong food just to see them make a "yucky" face and she enjoys reuniting the babies with their mommies.

A printable Discovery Farm Coloring Book is included. It is 11 pages long and quite cute, including a dominoes game.

The package contained a bonus CD Fisher Price Sing-alongs Vol.1: Barnyard Rhythm and Moos, which is an older CD, but very entertaining. Kids click on different barnyard animals to see a little video of each. The songs are catchy and the graphics are bright. The fact is, this bonus CD has been played more than the "star" program in my household.

Technically Speaking
Minimum requirements are 486/66 with 8 MB RAM, and 2X CD-ROM. Mac requires an 040 processor or Power Mac, System 7.1 or higher, and 12 MB RAM and 2X CD-ROM.

Skills Covered
basic counting (without corresponding numerals), memory, listening skills.

Educational Value
This program teaches some basic things like memory and familiarity with characters. The learning experiences are very age-appropriate.

Entertainment Value
Very appealing, the characters are familiar (on-screen versions of familiar toys) and interesting. The farm theme is very popular with toddlers. The graphics are really eye-catching with chunky, colorful characters and bright, rich scenes.

The interface is easy, and the inclusion of two modes of play (keyboard or mouse) is nice.

This is where the program falls a little short. There is not a lot to do in this game. Some young children will find the repetitive play just fine, however.

Dollar Value
Excellent value. Retails for $20 and the value is increased with the inclusion of the bonus CD.

Released: 1997