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Cyber Grannies
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The Bottom Line
Cyber Grannies is a content-rich software program that provides some quiet fun for children ages 3-6.
Ages: 3-6  Subject: Early Learning  Brand: Kutoka Interactive
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image Product Overview
This program is designed as an "animated vocabulary adventure" for kids aged 3 to 6, and its main screen features an alphabet screen. The host is a friendly kangaroo named Atoz, and each letter leads to one of 26 different alphabet worlds.

A granny works in each alphabet world, and in each world there are 2-3 screens containing clickables and activities. In the "S" world, players meet Sandy Granny (the sailor) on her ship. There are a number of "s" word clickables onboard this ship (each with a written label), as well as a speaker game that involves matching sounds with objects. Grandma Molly the musician hosts the "M" world, where kids discover a number of objects that start with the letter "m", as well as a marble game that requires kids to count marbles and place them in a mug.

In each world, kids can click on a bell to get a helpful hint from a granny. Clicking on a door will bring Atoz to the screen who invites kids to choose between going back to the main alphabet screen, or moving on to the next letter of the alphabet.

The activities are quite diverse — they include counting, problem-solving, music, and more. For example, kids play a connect-the-dots game in the "Y" world, navigate a fox through a maze in the "F" world, match different sized hats to each character in the "H" world, and complete a jigsaw puzzle in the "J" world.

Child testers found the program quite fun, and there is certainly no shortage of activities to choose from. Many activities have difficulty levels, which give kids a choice. The graphics help to make the program appealing to play.

Technically Speaking
Minimum requirements are Windows 3.1 or better, a 486/66, 8 Mb RAM, and 2X CD ROM. Mac users require a 68040/25Mhz or higher, with 8 Mb RAM, System 7.5 or higher, and at least 2X CD ROM.

Skills Covered
alphabet recognition, first sound-object association, creativity, measurement, simple addition and subtraction, counting, matching, problem solving, spatial reasoning, logic, object recognition, reading, visual discrimination, vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, musical note patterns, opposites, comprehension, deductive reasoning, listening skills, shape recognition, memory, humor, time

Educational Value
Skills covered are broad, and span beyond the program's featured language arts activities.

Entertainment Value
The screens are appealing, and the characters interesting, although not as compelling as some on the market.

The addition of difficulty levels for many of the activities is a nice touch, especially considering the large difference between 3 and 6 year olds. Finding the activities and a way out of each alphabet world is not immediately obvious, but kids will catch on once they do know how to navigate.

There are a lot of activities to be found in this software program, although it is uncertain whether many kids will be sufficiently motivated to do them all. However, difficulty levels and a good variety of activities add to the overall replay value of the game.

Dollar Value
Considering the quantity — and educational value — of the activities and the relatively small price tag of $19.95 US, this title can certainly be considered a good value.

Released: 1998