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Crazy Paint Home Tweet Home
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The Bottom Line
A coloring/paint program unlike any you've seen before, this program is fun to use and visually charming.
Ages: 3-8  Subject: Creativity/Art  Brand: Southpeak Interactive
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image Product Overview
This interactive coloring book is one of a series of Crazy Paint programs and features drawings of Warner Bros. Looney Tunes characters and scenes — and there's lots of Tweety and Sylvester. Okay, so electronic coloring books are overdone and commonplace, there's no doubt about it. But, there's a reason for it — most young children really enjoy using them. Crazy Paint Home Tweet Home brings some nice innovations to the traditional e-coloring book format. You haven't quite seen anything like it.

There are 20 images altogether, some of which are connect-the-dots and 180-degree panoramic images. You can also get a bonus image through electronic registration or you can get to it from the program's file folder.

The colors to choose from are plentiful and vivid, and there are also interesting textures including some that are animated (so you can have a cool moving checkered tablecloth in Porky Pig's kitchen, for example).

There are 13 coloring tools including the traditional paint brushes and paint can, plus an adhesive strip, jackhammer, pogo stick, spray can, garden hose, dynamite, vacuum, and more. These tools are great fun as kids get to splatter, spray, shower, bounce, and explode paint onto the canvas. Many of the coloring book templates are printable so kids can also color them away from the computer. Images are savable as well.

The interface is 3D and great to look at, as well as easy to use. Options in addition to the paint tools, colors, and textures include the ability to turn voices on or off, to color inside or outside of the lines, and to save and load images. Simply click on the 3D piggy bank to save, and loading a saved image requires looking for the one you want from the ones hanging on a clothesline.

The images look spectacular when completed. The colors of the paint used do not turn out flat and straightforward on the canvas. In fact, they are shaded in such a way that the finished effect is 3-dimensional and great to look at. The panoramic images are extra fun. Kids can pan right or left to see and color the entire image. There are a handful of connect-the-dot images that are not your traditional ones — there are no numbers or letters to connect. Kids need only to click on a star icon to fill in each "line" between the dots, or they can opt to let the computer connect the dots one by one.

Our 3 and 7 year-old testers both had lots of fun but the 7 year old wished there was more to the program then "just" painting. Despite this, he spent a whole lot of time with the program and was proud of his dazzling creations.

Technically Speaking
Minimum requirements are a Pentium 133, Win 95/98, 16 Mb RAM (32 Mb recommended), 4X CD ROM, 2 Mb VRAM strongly recommended, 50 Mb free temporary disk space.

Skills Covered

Educational Value
This is designed as an entertainment program. Educational value could have been boosted with the addition of letters and numbers in the connect-the-dots activities.

Entertainment Value
This electronic coloring book is great fun. The designs are dazzling and 3D, unlike other coloring book/paint programs on the market, and the sound effects are cute.

The designers have made the program very easy and fun to use. The program is full of smart features. All of the paint tools you would expect are included, plus a few more.

Coloring books are tried and true, and this one is an especially nice looking one. Perhaps more activities would add variety to the program, but most younger children will enjoy the wacky sound effects and nice-looking images they can create with this program.

Dollar Value
The game retails for $19.95 US, but you can find it for less. (See our Software Shopper feature for some outstanding prices for this title).

Released: 1998