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Coup de Pouce: Maternelle 2 (JumpStart Preschool French Version)
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The Bottom Line
Originally JumpStart Preschool, this program has been lovingly translated into the French language and makes a superb introduction or reinforcement for children learning French as a second language. At the same time, kids will practice some important thinking and visual skills through puzzle-building and other basic activities.
Ages: 2-5  Subject: Foreign Language  Brand: TLC/Edusoft
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image Product Overview
This is a French version of JumpStart Preschool, designed for French-speaking children. However, it lends itself perfectly for use as a "French as a second language" program with an immersion approach. Everything is translated, including the songs.

Coup de Pouce Maternelle 2 is an excellent translation! In fact, we found the songs are done even better than the original English version, and they can be played on an audio CD player as well. This way you can bring the French learning with you in the car, to Grandma's house, etc. Learning a foreign language with songs is widely considered to be very effective and natural for young children.

This program is centered around a schoolhouse theme, and all of the actiivities can be accessed from the classroom main screen. Kids will learn the following, all done in French:

  • Connect the Dots
  • Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Turtle Bowl: help the turtles find their nests by determining the correct number of eggs
  • Paint by Numbers, Letters, & Shapes
  • Doll House Matching Game
  • Hide & Seek in the Fish Bowl
  • Flashcard Phonics
  • Pierre's Pictures: identify which one is different with Pierre the bear
  • Nursery Song Book: sing-alongs
  • Trash Can: clean up the trash
Lots of French vocabulary, as well as basic concepts like numbers, letters, and shapes are contained in the activities. All instructions are in French as well, so that children will be totally immersed in the language.

I haven't given this title a rating. When used for a French-speaking preschooler, the rating would be the same as for JumpStart Preschool (7.9 out of 10). As a "French as a second language" program (not its intent), I would rate it even higher.

Released: 1997