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Coup de Pouce: Maternelle 1 (JumpStart Toddlers French Version)
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A well-done translation of JumpStart Toddlers into the French language. Also very effective if used to teach French as a second language to young children.
Ages: 2-4  Subject: Foreign Language  Brand: TLC/Edusoft
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image Product Overview
This is a French version of JumpStart Toddlers, which in turn is now repackaged as Davidson Learning Center: Toddlers. Everything is translated, including the songs, which, of course, required taking some artistic license in order to make them rhyme. For example, in JumpStart Toddlers, the cat song is as follows:

"Kitties are nice, Meow Meow; Kitties like mice, Meow Meow; I am a kitty, Meow Meow; Aren't I pretty? Meow Meow!"

The French song is "J'ai des moustaches, Meow Meow; et aucunes taches, Meow Meow; J'ai quatre pattes, Meow Meow; Je suis une chatte, Meow Meow!"

Coup de Pouce Maternelle 1 is an excellent translation! It can, of course, be used for French-speaking toddlers and preschoolers, but it also makes a wonderful "French as a second language" title. Being a program originally directed at toddlers, lots of emphasis is on vocabulary. As such, it lends itself perfectly as a foreign language tool! I introduced this software to my daughter when she was 14 months old, and only later did I introduce the English version as well. I can't tell you how delighted she was to play with the same software, but with a different language.

There has been a lot of talk recently about introducing children to foreign languages at a very young age — the consensus seems to be "the earlier the better". If you prefer the "immersion" approach to learning a second language (learning a language by being totally immersed in it as opposed to learning it through translations), then this program will be ideal for your young children. The immersion approach seems to me to be the best way for young kids to learn a foreign language — after all, their FIRST language was learned through an immersion approach, when you really think of it.

See JumpStart Toddlers for general details of minimum system requirements and activities.

I haven't given this title a rating. When used for a French-speaking toddler, the rating would be the same as for JumpStart Toddlers. As a "French as a second language" program (not its intent), I would rate it even higher.

Released: 1997