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Blue's ABC Time Activities
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The Bottom Line
This is a wonderful title for any preschooler keen on learning the alphabet, particularly Blue’s Clues fans! Lots of learning and fun packed into a small-priced package.
Ages: 3-6  Subject: Early Learning  Brand: Humongous Entertainment
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image Product Overview
Based on the Blue’s Clues show by Nickelodeon, this title is designed for preschoolers just learning their alphabet. There are 7 activities in all:
  • Word Puzzles with Felt Friends: make words and pictures with shapes and letters.
  • Alphabet Maze with Shovel and Pail: follow an alphabet trail while learning about sequencing of the alphabet.
  • Snacktime with Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper: help find snacks (like zucchini) that begin with certain letter sounds.
  • Safari Snapshots with Lion Prince: walk through the jungle and find jungle animals that begin with a certain letter of the alphabet.
  • Mailtime with Mailbox: repair pages of Mailbox’s delivery by identifying upper and lowercase letters.
  • Bathtime Rhymes with Slippery Soap: help Blue and Slippery create rhymes.
  • Blue’s Word Book: This is played throughout the game, as kids play the six activities above, earning words to help finish Blue’s Word Book.
All of the activities are nicely done. Navigation is easy. This title should be the definition for the word "edutainment" as it seamlessly combines education and entertainment. There is a general theme that reading is FUN, and the games provide gentle encouragement for kids to learn their alphabet. It is a quiet game — very unhurried. Great for kids who are enamored by the TV show, and those who just like alphabet games (or both, of course)!

Technically Speaking
Blue's ABC Time Activities is a Win 95/98 /Macintosh hybrid CD-ROM. It requires a P90 or higher, 16 MB RAM, 4x CD-ROM. For the Mac, a Power PC is required, with 16 MB RAM.

Humongous games are generally very easy to install, and this game was no exception. With Windows 95/98 AutoPlay, it is a breeze. No glitches have been encountered, and graphics and audio are superb. Some "printables" are included, and printing can be turned on or off at the parent’s discretion.

Skills Covered
pre-reading, early vocabulary, word recognition, phonics, auditory discrimination, alphabet sequencing, letter and shape recognition, upper and lower case letter discrimination, recognizing rhyming words

Educational Value
Excellent. All skills are covered well.

Entertainment Value
Although not as upbeat as some other titles, it remains highly entertaining and appealing for preschoolers.

Almost flawless! The only thing I miss is the ability to adjust difficulty levels. Navigation is intuitive.

I expect the program to have good replay value. The games are enjoyable, and the mission to collect Blue Dollars and exchange them for prizes is motivating.

Dollar Value
Excellent. At $19.95, you can’t go wrong.

Released: 1998