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Scooby-Doo Mystery of the Fun Park Phantom
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The Bottom Line
This mystery adventure plays almost like a board game in which players take turns collecting clues and trap pieces, and interrogating suspects. Players must use logic and strategy in order to trap the phantom, and will exercise their arcade skills along the way.
Ages: 7-up  Subject: Adventure  Brand: Southpeak Interactive
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image Product Overview
Scooby and the gang were en route to visit Shaggy's uncle when they got sidetracked. It seems that a Fun Park Phantom has frightened customers away from an amusement park. The owners of the fun park need help, and fast!

Solving this mystery requires problem-solving skills as well as quick reflexes. In single player mode, after watching the opening original Scooby Doo intro, kids pick their character -- they can "be" either Shaggy, Daphne, Freddy, or Velma. (Scooby Doo is everyone's helper). The other 3 characters will be opponents and kids will take turns playing against them. First they will choose the level of intelligence of their opponents, then a difficulty level must be chosen (easy, medium, or hard), and whether or not "turn time" is limited.

Pieces of evidence and clues are scattered around the amusement park, and players must try to collect them, as well as interview the 6 suspects. Collecting Scooby Snacks will enlist the help of Scooby Doo. At various points in the game, the phantom chases players, which launches a Phantom Chase game.

There are 9 areas of the park, including Ferris Wheel, Pirate Ship, Miniature World, Bumper Cars, and more. Players need to use traps to attempt to capture the villain, and they must collect items throughout the park to use in the trap.

Multiplayer options include up to 4 players on a single machine and LAN or MSN Gaming Zone.

Technically Speaking
Minimum requirements are Windows 95/98, a Pentium 166 processor, 32 Mb RAM, 4X CD ROM and 45MB of hard disk space. DirectX compatible video card with 2MB VRAM is also required.

Skills Covered
logic, strategy, deductive reasoning, arcade skills.

Educational Value
This mystery plays as a game, and kids need to exercise thinking skills such as deductive reasoning and logic in order to play.

Entertainment Value
Children who enjoy turn-based games will have great fun with this title. This is a great game for children ages 8-10 to play with their friends, although kids can play it independently as well.

Well done. It is relatively easy to use, considering it IS a print shop program, and the sheer quantity of options. But do read the manual! It will help you to make the most of the program.

Plenty of options to customize the game are available (as is characteristic of most software from SouthPeak Interactive). There are 3 levels of difficulty, and the "intelligence" level of computer-controlled opponents can be selected as well. Help is available through little pop-up messages from Betty Gob, which can be turned off/on.

Dollar Value
The villain and the location of the clues and Scooby Snacks are randomized, which adds to the replay value.

Released: 1998