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Prove It

Prove It

We've all experienced how that boost from the boss or praise for the perfect meal makes us feel. Spirits lift and we feel like we can succeed at anything we try. When it comes to our kids, those moments also go a long way both at home and in school. Experts agree that encouragement and motivation from key influencers in children's lives—parents, teachers, extended family and friends—plays a fundamental role in the lives of healthy and happy kids.

Encouraging Kids to be More Active
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reminds parents they play a major role in encouraging their children to become more active.

U.S. Department of Education
Academic success can hinge on motivation. Read about how to best motivate your child in and out of school through their early adolescent development.

Reading is Fundamental
Get tips and tricks for motivating your child to read more often and find out the many benefits that come with discovering the joy of reading.

Motivating Children with Learning and Attention Difficulties
Learn how to love a child with special needs and help them to sustain their joy of learning through encouragement and motivation.

Communicating with children: YOU can make the Difference
The national Parent Teacher Association (PTA) offers helpful advice for connecting with kids through communication, quality time spent together and encouragement.

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