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Homework Help

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Has the computer made handwriting obsolete? Is good penmanship passé? Should schools still teach cursive? No, no and yes!

While some schools are no longer teaching cursive beyond elementary, proper handwriting still has its place in education. Yes, more and more students use computers for their assignments. However, keyboarding skills don't help them during written exams or tests, or when taking class notes.

Sure, printing is an alternative, but when time is limited, cursive writing is quicker and more fluid because the pen doesn't leave the page as much as with printing, and there are fewer stops and starts. Therefore, you can write more during an exam, or take down more of what the teacher said during class.

Advantages of learning cursive:

  • It's faster than printing, therefore more efficient for taking notes.
  • It's written without the use of technology.
  • It helps further develop fine motor skills.
  • It's much more personal when writing letters, or in journals.
  • A handwritten apology is more meaningful than one typed on a computer.

It does take time to learn, however, and can frustrate some kids, especially those who may have issues with fine motor skills. Though, various activities such as tracing, stringing beads, and cutting, can help get your child ready for handwriting.

To start, teach them how to hold the pencil. It needs to rest on their ring finger with the eraser pointed back toward their shoulder. Emphasize that they need to keep the pencil on the paper. This will help them master the skill.

At first have your child make strokes that are the letter shapes. Then have him work on letters that are similar to printed ones such as the printed and cursive version of a or c: (a or c.). Have them use the special paper that has two solid lines with a dashed line in the middle. Help with letter practice by creating letters out of dashed lines so your child can trace them.

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