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Classroom Video KitsJunk Box Wars Teacher Challenge

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Bring the science behind the hit show Junkyard Wars into the classroom with our classroom video kits!
• Gliders and Sand Yachts
• Teacher's Guide
• Full-color poster
• Hot Rods and Off-Road
• Teacher's Guide
• Full-color poster
• Ballistic Missles and Sky
• Teacher's Guide
• Full-color poster
A Junk Box Wars challenge pits classroom teams against each other to build science projects from junk box objects.

Send us your most creative idea for a Junk Box Wars Teacher Challenge!

Best entries win a complete set of the Junkyard Wars Classroom Kits!
Contest Details
Junkyard Fun
Kids — Build the best hot rod to win the race. Be the king of the scrapheap by conquering our puzzles. And more! Get started!
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