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Junk Box Wars Teacher Challenge
Enter the Junk Box Wars Challenge

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Do you have a great idea for an educational activity using junk found in your school, classroom or home?

Enter our Junk Box Wars Teacher Challenge and you could win a complete set of Junkyard Wars Classroom Kits!

We're searching for the most creative, unique uses of junk in the classroom. If you are using ordinary stuff to build cool launchers, racers, flyers — let us know!

Only 50 entries will be accepted each contest round in the order in which they are submitted. See the details on the right on how to enter.
Steps for Entering the Challenge
1.  Watch Junkyard Wars on TLC (click for program schedule). You can also purchase a Junkyard Wars Classroom Video Kit to watch how the show teaches science.
2.  Review our definition of a Junk Box Wars activity and view a sample Junk Box Wars activity.
3.  Read our contest rules.
4.  Review our entry and judging criteria for creating activities. The activity you submit must meet the following in order to qualify for the contest.

The activity must:
• Be in the spirit of the Junkyard Wars program
• Be tested successfully in the classroom
• Consist of materials found in a school, classroom or household
• Be targeted to the 4th through 12th grade level
• Align to the National Science Education Standards (see applicable standards)
• Demonstrate a scientific concept and/or principle
• Be originally created by the teacher submitting the entry
• Be unique and challenging for students
• Contain each required element on the entry form.
5.  Fill out the entry form and enter the contest!

All submitted entries will be reviewed. The most interesting and unique entries will be posted in our Junk Box Wars activity library.