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World History World History
Some lesson plans include suggestions for adaptations for older or younger audiences.
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Africa: Across the Continent
Ancient Times
Children around the World
China: People and Places
Conquest Of The Americas
Dictator for a Day
From Medieval Times to Today
The Middle Ages
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Alexander and Alexandria
Alexander the Great
America At War: Charge And Defeat
The American Revolution: Causes
Ancient Egypt
Ancient History Cyber-Journalists
Ancient Rome
Archeology and Storytelling
Asian and Other Cultures
Comparing Athens and Sparta
Culture Clash: New World Meets Old
Egyptian Antiquities
The Equator
Exodus: History Writ Large Teacher's Guide
Flags of Latin America
Forced to Flee: Famine and Plague
From Medieval Times to Today
Gladiators: Rome's Violent Past
Great Wall of China
The Hidden History of Egypt
The Hidden History of the Roman Empire
Islam: History, Society and Civilization
Ivory Wars
Jerusalem: History of the Holy Land
Klondike Fever
Landmarks of Civilization
Legacy of the Roman Empire
Lost Empires of Asia and Russia
Making Mummies
Mapping South America
Mexican Holidays
The Nile
North American Cultures
Polar Expeditions
Ramses the Great
Rome: City and Empire
Rome's Influence
Rome's Rise to Power: The Republic
Sky Watchers: Ancient Astronomers
Slavery, Society, and Apartheid
South American Cultures
Struggles for Power
Tour of South America
Tracing the Roots of Modern Cities
Troubled Leadership
The Vikings: Sea Raiders, Land Raiders
Water: To the Last Drop
When Civilizations End
Wonders of the World
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Grades 9-12
Afghanistan: 12 Years of Violence
Africa: Names and Nations of Note
All Quiet on the Western Front
Ancient History Cyber-Journalists
Antislavery Sentiments
Asia's Expansion: Treasures and Travels
Book of Exodus
Book of Genesis
Buddhism and the Dalai Lama
Children of War
Civilizations: Abuse of Power
Civilizations: Leadership
A Classical Maya News Report
Cold War into Guerilla War
Conquistadors: Francisco Pizarro
Conquistadors: Hernán Cortés
Conquistadors: Inca Rebellion
Destiny Determined: Power and Ritual in Asia
Discovery Atlantis
Empires of Early Africa
The Feudal System: Castles at War
The Forbidden City
Freedom Fighters
Galileo's Dialogue
Gladiators: Rome's Violent Past
Gunpowder and the Explosion of World War
Heart of Darkness
Historical Heroes
Holocaust Heroes
The Holocaust's Legacy
Horse Warriors
Horsepower: Harnessed for War
Inside the Pyramids
Jesus and the Rise of Christianity
The Korean War
The Legend of King Arthur
Machiavelli's The Prince
Mesoamerica: The History of Central America
National Security
News Coverage
The Normandy Invasion
The Ottoman Empire
Pearl Harbor
Peter the Great
Politics and Leadership
Pope John Paul II
Population Diversity and Human Rights
Power Builders: Leaders and Cities
Reform at All Costs
Revolution: The Call to Battle
Road to Russian Revolution
The Role of NATO
The Russian Revolution
Trains, Telegraphs, and Steamships: War's New Weapons
Viking Discoveries
Women Monarchs and Heads of State
World War II: The Pacific
Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation

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