Nutrition: A Quest for the Perfect Food

Did you know that Americans are rumored to eat 18 acres of pizza on average every day? Now that’s a lot of pepperoni! In all its cheesy splendor, pizza might seem like the perfect food—but with all that fat and cholesterol, it’s not the healthiest treat around. So what is the perfect food? That’s for you to decide!

Your mission: Use the Web sites below to research nutrition and different types of foods. Then choose one “perfect food”—something that’s both nutritious and delicious. Next, create an advertising campaign to convince your classmates that your edible is indeed the perfect food! Be sure to explain why that food is nutritious, how it helps your body’s health, and why you think it’s a tasty treat.

Web Links

Begin your quest with the links below. Feel free to consult books, magazines, and other resources for further research.

Guidance on How to Understand and Use the Nutrition Facts Panel on Food Labels
Is macaroni and cheese really the perfect food? Start here to understand what the product labels mean.

Got Milk?
Take a quiz, learn more about cows, and begin your quest.

The American Egg Board
Is it really edible and incredible? See what the egg board has to say.

I Love Cheese
You might love cheese, but should you? Try to discover this for yourself at this American Dairy Association site.

Nutrition: Fruits and Vegetables
Get info about the nutritional content of fruits and vegetables, and consider whether to incorporate one or more of these into your top three.
Got a beef? You might want to check here to see whether you should.

American Poultry Association
Don’t chicken out just yet. See what the American Poultry Association has to say first.

Pork Nutrition and Health
So what’s to be said for that other white meat? See if you can pass the quiz and locate the information you need.

Discovery Health Nutrition Guide
Choose the article that interests you most as you continue investigating food.

Food Safety Website
It might be good, but is it safe? Start here to locate resources about the potential safety of all types of foods.

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