Event: China Builds a Great Wall
Date: 221 B.C.
Place: China
Brief Synopsis: The Great Wall of China was not assembled all at once, but successive dynasties constructed sections of the wall over time to prevent attacks by the nomadic peoples of the central Asian steppes. Construction began in the third century B.C. during the Qin (pronounced Ch’in) Dynasty. Each dynasty that followed added to the wall until its 3,000-mile length was put into place.

Web Links

Discovery.com’s “Secrets of the Great Wall”

Secrets of the Great Wall: Dynasties

The Great Wall: A Virtual Tour

Research Questions

Answer each question below using the suggested links to guide your research.

1. Who built the Great Wall of China? List the dynasties responsible for building the wall and include a sentence that identifies the goal of each. Where in Asia is the Great Wall located? Develop a basic map of China that shows its location in respect to other major geographical features.

2. What was Emperor Qin Shi’s reason for restoring the ruins of older walls? List the accomplishments of the Han Dynasty. How did these accomplishments necessitate a second round of wall building?

3. Describe the process by which the Ming Dynasty built its contribution to the Great Wall. How does its section of the wall differ from those that came before it?

4. Identify several events that took place in European history during the Qin, Han, and Ming dynasties. Describe how the Chinese empires of the time interacted with Western civilizations.

Team Discussion Question

After your team has answered the questions above, discuss this question as a team:

· Is the Great Wall a symbol of good or evil? Support why you think it is a great accomplishment or a symbol of oppression.

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