Event: Rome and Carthage Fight to the Death
Date: 146 B.C.
Place: Carthage
Brief Synopsis: The cities of Rome and Carthage in North Africa became rivals for economic and military power during the third and second centuries B.C. The First Punic War (264-241 B.C.) was fought over islands in the Mediterranean and ended after a Roman naval victory. The Second Punic War saw Carthaginian general Hannibal attack Rome on the backs of elephants by way of the Alps from the north. Hannibal was eventually defeated at Zama in 202 B.C. In 149 B.C., a war of revenge was launched against Carthage.

Web Links

Boise State University’s History of Western Civilization: The Punic Wars

Boise State University’s History of Western Civilization: Carthage

Map of Carthage

Research Questions

Answer each question below using the suggested links to guide your research.

1. Where is Carthage? Who were the major historical characters on both sides of the conflict? Provide a detailed timeline of the three Punic wars, indicating location and outcome of each event.

2. List and describe at least two other military engagements of the Punic wars. Why was Hannibal’s crossing of the Alps considered legendary?

3. What tactic did Hannibal use at Cannae to defeat the Roman forces? How did the city of Rome and its leadership react to the news of Hannibal’s victory? What were the results of the Second Punic War?

4. What was the position that Cato took regarding Carthage during the middle of the second century B.C.? Describe the final fate of Carthage after the Third Punic War.

Team Discussion Questions

After your team has answered the questions above, discuss these questions as a team:

· Why destroy Carthage? Compare the Roman and Carthaginian intentions in this bitter conflict. What did either side hope to gain? Why did Rome strike the final blow and destroy Carthage?

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