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Video Information and Comprehension Questions
Weight Control image

Weight Control

The following questions appear onscreen in the video. Feel free to integrate them into your lesson plan as needed.

Questions to consider before watching the video:
  • Obesity is on the rise in America, despite an abundance of diets, exercise programs, and weight-loss products. As you watch the program, consider why so many people struggle to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Think about how lifestyle and diet make remaining fit a challenge.
Questions to consider after watching the video:
  • Heart disease and type II diabetes are life-threatening conditions related to being overweight. Discuss how extra weight, saturated fats, and high cholesterol contribute to these diseases.
  • What healthy lifestyle habits can one develop to avoid these diseases later in life?
Suggested activity
Research fast-food nutritional information on the Internet. Compare meals for adults and children to daily recommendations from the Food Guide Pyramid. How do serving sizes, fat grams, and calories differ?