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  These study questions address important topics introduced by this program and are listed in the sequence in which they are covered in the video. Answers to focus questions are available.

Focus Questions
  1. What did the French revolutionaries want?

2. When and how did the French monarchy come to an end?

3. What followed the fall of the French monarchy?

4. What empire did Napoleon defeat in 1797 that made him well respected among the French people?

5. How did Napoleon become the dictator and then emperor of France?

6. What happened to Napoleon’s army in Russia?

7. What happened to Napoleon and the French government after he abdicated?

8. Why didn’t Napoleon’s return to power last? What happened at Waterloo?

Discussion Questions
  1. Discuss how Napoleonís background, early experiences in school, and the times in which he lived may have affected his character and leadership style. In the end, what part of his character do you think led to his downfall?

2. Explain the debate between aristocrats and philosophers over monarchy and democracy during the revolutionary period in France. Which side would you say Napoleon was on?

3. Analyze Napoleonís role in the French Revolution and his speedy rise to power. What were his talents?

4. What were Napoleonís first tasks as dictator? Explain and discuss why they were important.

5. Why do you think the French people accepted Napoleon as their sole leader not once but twice? After all, hadnít they just fought a revolution to end the monarchy in France?

6. Compare and contrast both times Napoleon was exiled. Was he wise to try to return to power from Elba? What do you think should happen to defeated leaders today?

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Lesson Plans