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Video Information and Comprehension Questions
Headaches image


The following questions appear onscreen in the video. Feel free to integrate them into your lesson plan as needed.

Questions to consider before watching the video:
  • Many people have experienced the most common nervous system disorder-a headache. Discuss what you know about headaches.
  • As you watch the program, look for information on the different types of headaches, their causes, and treatments.
Questions to consider after watching the video:
  • A migraine is a common type of headache. The pain can often be debilitating. What are some triggers of this type of headache?
  • What are the early warning signs and symptoms?
  • Describe the methods of treatment available for migraine sufferers.
Suggested activity
Research different types of headache remedies. Make a chart listing their brand name, active ingredients, dosage, and side effects. Include prescription, over-the-counter, and alternative medicines.