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The Clone Age

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The Clone Age
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Sound   clone
Definition - An exact genetic replica of a living being.

Context - Two human clones would have the same genetic structure, but they would probably have different personalities.

Sound   embryology
Definition - The study of the development of the individual from egg to birth or hatching.

Context - Embryologists are crucial to the development of cloning technology.

Sound   ethical
Definition - Relating to or involving questions of right and wrong.

Context - The idea of cloning human beings raises ethical and moral concerns.

Sound   genes
Definition - The building blocks of DNA, which serve as transmitters of hereditary characteristics.

Context - Genes control the transmission of hereditary traits in living beings.

Sound   genetic engineering
Definition - The process of altering a living being’s genes to create a desired effect.

Context - Genetic engineering can produce a redder tomato, a taller giraffe, or a cow that gives more milk.

Sound   nucleus
Definition - The control center of a cell.

Context - The nucleus is where the cell’s genetic information is contained.

Sound   transgenics
Definition - The process of replacing the nucleus of one animal’s cell with the nucleus of a different animal’s cell.

Context - Transgenic scientists have inserted a human nucleus into a sheep cell.

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