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The Clone Age


The Clone Age
  Listed here is a variety of resources to enhance your use of this program, including Internet links, related products, and suggested readings from our professional reference librarian at the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC).

Internet Links
  DNA: From the Beginning
An interactive multimedia primer geared towards people without a scientific background, it will take the user from the basics of heredity through methods of DNA analysis.

The Biology Project
The Biology Project is an interactive online resource for learning biology, developed at The University of Arizona. Genetics activities include tutorials on the subject and many interesting applications such as forensics.

Hello Dolly Webquest
Students are encouraged to join in the worldwide debate on the ethics of cloning in this role playing classroom activity. Links to resources provide information for various points of view.

Genetic Engineering: Improving Nature or Uncorking the Genie?
This Thinkquest website provides tutorials on different cloning techniques, raises ethical issues relating to cloning, and has online games that test your knowledge of cloning.

Create Your Own Chocolate Milk Cow
Just for fun, using the same cloning technique that created Dolly the sheep, see what happens when you cross a cocoa bean with a cow.

Related Products
  These products may be purchased in the Discovery Channel School Store:

Understanding: The Power of Genes
Are you ready for the biotech revolution? Learn how we’ve already utilized genetics for cloning and crime solving, and glimpse what’s on the horizon—gene-based drugs, genetically engineered farm animals, and a cure for baldness.

What is DNA, and how much of our life is predetermined by genes? This program attempts to answer these questions with three segments exploring this complex and controversial field.

The Mystery of Twins
This program looks at research being done on identical twins separated at birth. Reunited pairs have proven to be identical not just in looks, but in personality and lifestyle. Does this mean we are governed completely by our genes? Some scientists think so.

Suggested Readings
  Genetic Engineering
(Jenny Bryan. Thomson Learning, 1995.)
Will our knowledge of genetic engineering help people, or is there cause for concern about what might happen to people, animals, or our food supply? Read about the scientific principles and the ethical issues related to genetic engineering.

The History of Genetics
(Robert Snedden. Thomson Learning, 1995.)
Colored illustrations, photos, and diagrams will help you understand genetics as you read this book. You’ll also find a “Chronology of Advance” that highlights the people whose discoveries have advanced our understanding of genetics, as well as a glossary of important terms. Read this book for a basic understanding of the many issues involved in genetics.

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