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Video Information and Comprehension Questions

Blue Planet: Frozen Seas

The following questions appear onscreen in the video. Feel free to integrate them into your lesson plan as needed.

Part I
Before watching the video, consider this.
  • The Arctic Ocean changes with the seasons, and animals there have adapted to this extreme habitat. How do you think animals survive in a frozen ocean?
  • Pay attention to how animals find food or protect themselves from predators.
  • Watch carefully to see how different animals have adapted.
After watching, talk about this.
  • List the different ways polar bears hunt. Discuss which method expends the greatest amount of energy and which could be most successful.
  • Describe polar bears' adaptations for surviving an arctic winter.
Suggested activity
Compare the survival adaptations of arctic organisms and the ways that humans have adapted to cold climates. Make a chart that shows the differences and similarities.
Part II
Before watching the video, consider this.
  • Do you know how animals survive the coldest and windiest place on Earth?
  • As you watch the segment on Antarctica, discover how they have adapted to this harsh environment. Make note of their survival tactics on the land and in the sea.
After watching, talk about this.
  • Krill forms the base of Antarctica's food web. Discuss the characteristics of krill and how it obtains nutrients. Identify the organisms that eat krill as a main food source.
  • Hypothesize how changes in krill populations would affect other organisms.
Suggested activity
Do additional research on emperor penguins. Create a poster that includes information on their habitat, their feeding methods, and their social organization.