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6-12 > Weather

Build Your Own Weather Station
Grade Level  6-8, 9-12
Subject Area  Earth science
Curriculum Focus  meteorology, chemistry, math
Duration  on-going

  Students will design and construct a rain gauge, barometer, anemometer, psychrometer, and wind vane using the materials of their choice.

  clear plastic box or aquarium, 3 or more plastic cups, scissors, masking/duct tapes, blue and red food coloring, ice, stopwatch, file folder for portfolio hot water, optional: video recorder or chart materials

  Click on the image of the instrument you would like to build. Use the instructions on the pages that follow as a general guide for designing and building your weather instruments.
General information for teachers

Select the instrument you wish to build in the image below:

Weather Collage

Rain Gauge Barometer
Wind Vane Anemometer

  Frank Weisel, a science teacher at Tilden Middle School in Rockville, Maryland.