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  Building a Wind Vane


Wind VaneA wind vane is really just a flat piece of metal or wood on a swivel that catches the wind and points toward and away from the wind. You have probably seen pictures of a wind vane on top of a barn. It is usually shaped like a farm animal such as a horse or a rooster. It usually has an arrow to point in the direction the wind is blowing. However, wind is described in terms of where it is blowing from. For example, a west wind blows east.


  • 3 ft x 3 ft piece of thin wood or plastic
  • bicycle wheel or skate wheel or lazy susan
  • saw
  • screws
  • plastic or metal letters, N, E, W, S
  • sand paper or file
Read allPrecautionsbefore beginning this activity.
  1. Cut an interesting shape from wood or plastic. Be sure to include a pointer. Round all edges except the bottom.

  2. Mount the shape to your chosen swivel.

  3. Install your wind vane on top of a tall pole or on the roof of a shed or house.

  4. Keep a log of the wind direction as observed several times a day.
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