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Japanese Americans

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Trial Preparation Brief
Each group will research its position and develop statements to be given in a courtroom setting. The dialogue will be presented as questions and answers while witnesses are on the stand.

The judges group must conduct research on both sides of the case and may not make a decision until all the evidence and testimonies have been heard. Judges must also develop a set of three to five questions each that they will ask the lawyers during the trial.

Convicts, witnesses, and lawyers for the plantiff
This group works together to create a dialogue that will support their position. They may choose to illustrate conditions inside the internment camps with sketches. The challenge for this group is to proove the United States was violating the fifth amendment with the enforcement of the executive order.

Lawyers and witnesses for the defense
This group will find evidence to support the executive order, and will work together to plan testimonies before the court. Their charge is to convince the judges that national security depended on the executive order.

The press
These trial followers will prepare a daily summary of events in court.