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Hail to the Chief
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Grade Level  2-5, 6-12
Subject Area  music
Curriculum Focus  history
Duration  20-60 minutes

  Students will acquaint themselves with different styles of music that are available to American musicians and compose variations on the theme of “Hail to the Chief” using these various styles.

  music graph paper and pencil

  From “The National Anthem” to “Happy Birthday,” there are lots of songs we all recognize because we hear them so often. Some songs are played or sung during special occasions. One such song is, “Hail to the Chief;” and you can bet that the president of the United States has heard it many times!

    Listen to versions of “Hail to the Chief” in Real Audio:
Jazz Samba Baroque March

Getting Started:
To hear these audio files, you needRealPlayer. Download it now; it’s free.

Then, choose one of the following activities:

Grades 2-5 version      Grades 6-12 version

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