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Hail to the Chief
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  Activity I:Grades 2 - 5:
Listen carefully to the different versions of“Hail to the Chief”and answer the questions below. Travel back in time to reveal somehistorical background.

1. How are these musical selections different? How are they alike?
2. What type of music is the original “Hail to the Chief”?
3. Why is “Hail to the Chief” played so much?
4. Judge for yourself. What version do you like best?

“Hail to the Chief” Musical Challenge 2-5th
Writing music is similar to writing in any language. There are symbols, phrases and even punctuation. Write your own words to the music, “Hail to the Chief.” Consider whether the words should be spoken or sung. Should the words rhyme?

<! Print the musical graph paper, notes, time signatures, and rests below. Cut the symbols out and> <! place them on the paper to create your own variation of "Hail to the Chief".>“Hail to the Chief” Musical Challenge 4-5th
As a class, sing or hum along with one of the versions of “Hail to the Chief.” Clap out therhythmas you sing or hum along. Practice a few of these variations on your own:
  • Sing it as fast as you can without skipping any notes.
  • Try singing it at normal speed, only backwards, starting with the last note.
  • Sing a version in 3/4 time without changing the pitch of the notes.
  • Sing all the notes onetonehigher.
Follow-up questions:
1. How is your version of “Hail to the Chief” different from the original?
2. Whichrhythmsdid you change?
3. Does your version still sound like “Hail to the Chief”?

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