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Children of War

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Part One: Questions for Children’s Rights in Times of War
After watching the UNICEF video, discuss the following questions:
  1. What symbols of war are recognizable to everyone? Why is this so?
  2. How are children and their communities affected by war? In what ways does it interfere with daily activities? What are the long-term effects?
  3. How can children’s rights be protected in times of war?
  4. Who is the audience for this PSA? What effect would it have on that audience?
  Part Two: Questionsfor Diaries Discussion
When students have read the excerpts, discuss the following questions:
  1. Zlata calls war inhuman. If war is so inhuman, why can’t rational people stop its proliferation?
  2. “What if they called a war, and no one showed up?”
  3. Select one of the children and describe what you think life was like for him or her during the war. What sacrifices did these children make?
  4. Why do politicians enter war without realizing the effects it has on those who are not trained soldiers?
  5. What effects do wars have on families?
  6. What would you say if you could write to one of these children?
  7. Choose two of the children and compare and contrast their experiences.
  8. If Anne Frank were alive today, what do you think she would say to Zlata?
  9. Do you agree with the statement that war is inevitable?