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Animating Motion
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  Kinematics Animation Challenge #3

Here is another kinematics animation challenge. Use multiple copies of the following clip-art to create an animated cartoon which uses your knowledge of uniformly accelerated motion and uniform velocity to satisfy a story that you make up. You can use two or more of the vehicles shown below in your story but you must use the motions assigned to them.

Extra Challenge:
Select one of the vehicles’ speeds as a reference frame and animate the other two accordingly.

Railroad tracks

Truck moving at a
constant 10.0 m/s
Plane moving at a
constant 50.0 m/s
Car accelerating at 2.0 m/s2

  1. Write a short summary of your story before starting the animation.
  2. Create a table of values to quantitatively express the motion of each vehicle.
  3. Compare the motions of the vehicles by creating a graph as illustrated in the Animating Motion procedure.
  4. Animate your story using the accurate rates of movement for each vehicle.

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