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Free lesson plans written by teachers for teachers. Like you. Classroom Resources has hundreds of original lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school students. Borrow them as-is or use them to spark your own lesson plans.
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Featured Lesson Plans

My Pyramid: Simple Steps for Healthy Living
Health, grades 9–12. With this lesson plan, students use the website to create a personal set of food guidelines and gain an appreciation of the importance of healthful eating.

U.S. History
Foundations of American Government
U.S. History, grades 9–12. Built around researching the Boston Massacre, this lesson plan shows students that there is always more than one valid perspective on historical events.

Language Arts
Discovering Language Arts: Beginning Research
Language Arts, grades K–2. Using plants as its subject, this lesson plan introduces young learners to basic research principles, including the indispensible tools of reading and observation.

Discovering Math:
Concepts in Algebra

Mathematics, grades 10–12. Offering a look at the significant Islamic contributions to mathematics, this lesson plan helps students recognize standard forms of equations and how to solve them.

Physical Science
Interactive Periodic Table of
the Elements

Chemistry, grades 9–12. This lesson plan provides an extensive overview of the structure and properties of matter, as well as an introduction to the uses and dangers of radioactivity.

Fine Arts
Behind the Scenes
Theater Arts, grades 4–8. While playwrights and actors get most of the attention, this lesson plan helps students explore the crucial role set designers play in conveying the mood of any scene.

Explore Africa Today
Go deep into geography
with solid lesson plans and stimulating videos that explore the arts, culture, health, and education in modern Africa.

Wake up, brain!
After those lazy, hazy days of summer, there’s nothing like
these Brain Boosters to get
your students’ heads back in
problem-solving mode.

Free eye-catchers
Can’t draw a straight line?
Clip Art to the rescue! Here
are hundreds of ways to add
some zip to handouts,
newsletters, websites, and more.

from Day One

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The good old days
A collaborative mural project for grades K–2, our Ancient Times Lesson Plan is a fun way to introduce students to the
daily lives of ancient peoples.

Chance of learning, 100%
With our Weather Maps Lesson Plan, students in grades 4–6 explore weather-related websites and create their own national weather maps.