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General - Lists and defines basic computer terms.
Training - Provides free Web-based courses on using the most popular software programs.
Computer Repair - Stores updated drivers, antivirus software, and security patches for instant download.
The PC Guide - Discusses A+, Network+, and Security+ systems, as well as explains how to build a computer.
PC Technology Guide - Compiles clear, accessible information on computer hardware, maintenance, and operation.
Hardware Central - Locate tips on computer maintenance and hardware.
Computer Hardware Links - Stores links on PC hardware news and reviews.
Mac Fixit - Find answers to your Mac-related questions.
Apple Service and Support Center - Links to Apple’s customer support center for questions on Apple hardware and software. - Provides free computer support for your hardware and software issues.
Bells and Whistles - Presents animated Web page graphics, Software, applets, and more…everything you need to build your page! - Offers more than 40,000 free photos. Perfect for school projects
Awesome Clipart for Kids - Locate free clipart and coloring pages for holidays, special occasions, and school events.
PhotoShop CS Resource Guide - Reviews common applications and functions in Adobe Photoshop CS.
Operating Systems
My Virtual Reference Desk Windows 95 Links - Includes resources for all recent versions of Microsoft Windows.
Windows 95 Manual - Organizes resources and links for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP users.
Doug's Windows Tweaks and Tips - Provides tips and fixes for all Windows operating systems, as well as links on hard drive recovery and hardware reviews.
Troubleshooting Windows XP - Helps troubleshoot issues and problems with Windows XP.
The Elder Geek on Windows XP - Includes information on service pack updates and software issues for Windows XP users.
Windows 98/NT Resource Center - Displays links and information on all Windows operating systems. - Provides Linux equivalents to Windows software, as well as tips for using a Linux system.
Java Tutorials and Short Courses - Provides Java tutorials and resources.
Java Boutique - Find Java applets and tutorials here. - The Source for Perl - Considers questions and resources for the dynamic programming language Perl.
W3 Schools Tutorials - Learn HTML, XML, JavaScript, and more with free tutorials.
DevCentral - Create your own Web site after using this page’s free tutorials on programming languages and site design.
Programmer's - Discusses programming languages, platforms, applications, and more at this comprehensive site.
Mac Downloads (C|NET) - Download Mac software and drivers, as well as rate your favorite programs.
Web Design
Web Developers Virtual Library - Highlights Web design, graphics, software, and programming languages, as well as provides discussion forums on all topics related to design.
HTML Made Really Easy - Teaches the basics of HTML and how to create a Web page.
The Barebones Guide to HTML - Look up common HTML tags and learn how to add fun features to your personal Web page.
A Simple Guide to HTML - Displays background and color tags, graphics tags, text formatting tags, and more.
HTML 4 for Rookies - Explore basic and advanced HTML, as well as CSS.
Lissa Explains it All - Presents an HTML course designed specifically for kids.
Writing HTML: A Tutorial for Creating Web Pages - Presents easy-to-follow lessons on creating a Web page and educational Web activities.
An Introduction to HTML (Table of Contents) - Compares HTML and XHTML, as well as demonstrates CSS. HTML 4 guide: Frames - Provides a guide for creating frames in HTML.
Introduction to Frames - Illustrates different types of HTML frames.
Introduction to Forms - Guides beginning HTML users through creating forms for a Web page.
Media Builder 3D Text Maker - Create 3D text banners for your Web page. - Look for answers to your programming and software questions on this site’s message boards.
A1 - Find redirection scripts, game scripts, status bar scripts, and more.
Nic's JavaScript Page - Search for specialized scripts, as well as browse the HTML, CSS, and XML offerings.