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American History
United States History - Offers articles, images, and book excerpts from American history.
Liberty Online - Provides primary and secondary American history sources in philosophy, politics, historical documents, and U.S. government links.
American History Biographies on the Net - Makes available links to secondary information on American history.
The History Place: The U.S. Civil War - Gives a breakdown of the Civil War with links.
A Chronology of U.S. Historical Documents - Provides an encyclopedic list of all American historical documents from the Magna Carta to the present.
Presidents of the United States - Provides links to each U.S. president—biography, images, and accomplishments.
Presidential Inaugural Addresses - Presents all of the Inaugural Addresses.
1492 Exhibit - Offers insight into the discovery of America.
Plymouth History - Provides an in depth exploration into Plymouth, its development, and its people.
Native American Resource - Provides an extensive site for understanding the history, culture, and traditions of American Indians—Native Americans. The site also provides links to tribal home pages.
Civil War Home Page - Makes available an exhaustive resource on the American Civil War, including letters, images, primary documents, and diaries.
The American Civil War Home Page - Provides resources and links to the American Civil War, including biographies and bibliographies.
Virtual Marching Tour of the American Revolution - Provides a virtual marching tour of the American Revolution.
The Age of Imperialism - Gives links to articles, images, and documents on the Age of Imperialism in the United States.
Trenches on the Web - WWI History - Provides an exhaustive resource on World War I.
Encyclopedia of the First World War - Provides an exhaustive resource on World War I, including art, literature, time lines, and active debates.
Grolier's Online WWII History - Presents an extensive research resource on World War II, including biographies, articles, films, and links.
Ancient Civilizations
Exploring Ancient World Culture - Provides primary and secondary articles, essays, and texts on ancient history. The site also includes images and quizzes.
Ancient Classical History - Gives links to ancient Roman and Greek history and literature.
Perseus Project - Provides primary and secondary source documents and texts for ancient history.
Illustrated History of The Roman Empire - Provides an exhaustive, illustrated resource for Roman history.
The Ancient Greek World - Allows a virtual tour of the University of Pennsylvania’s collection of the ancient Greek world. The site also includes articles and explications of each work of art.
Ancient Greece - Presents articles and a few links to significant moments in ancient Greek history.
Labyrinth - Provides complete primary and secondary resource for the Middle Ages.
World History
My Virtual Reference Desk - History - Provides links to a variety of historical sites and databases.
Hyper History Online - Offers more than 2,000 files focusing on 3,000 years of world history. The site includes subtopics on politics, religion, culture, and science.
History and Historiography - Provides scanned primary source documents and analyses of world history and historiography from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
History's Happening - Provides a wealth of links into world history: "Ancient World, Medieval World, Modern World, U.S. History." The site also includes links to time lines and research databases.
WebSites for Historians - Gives links to primary and secondary resources for research. It should be noted that students in high school and advanced courses will find this site useful.
Historic Events and Birthdates - Presents students with an encyclopedic list of historical events on a specific day, i.e. 10 August will cover all historical events and birthdays from 674 CE to 1998.
Inventors Homework Helper - Provides links to sites of inventions and inventors.
American and British History Resources - Provides links to historical events in world history.
AP European History Page - Makes available exhaustive links to articles, images, and primary and secondary sources. Also, the site links to the AP History College Board page.
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust - Provides information on time lines, people, art, and articles related to the Holocaust.
Atlapedia Online - Provides geographical access to countries and world maps. Maps include statistical data on climate, culture, facts, and figures.
The Library of Congress Country Study - Presents geographical information from texts published between 1988 and 1998.
CIA World Factbook - Provides geographical and cultural information about all countries.
Geography World - Supplies in depth geographical exploration of countries around the world. The site has excellent graphics, secondary resources, and time lines.
Maps and References - Provides extensive maps, including interactive ones, from around the world. The site also offers searchable bibliographies.
PCL Map Collection - Supplies current and historical maps from around the world.
Historical Maps of The U.S. by UT Library Online - Provides historical maps of the U.S., beginning 1674.
Atlas and Geography Links - Provides numerous links to sites with atlases, maps, special sites, and libraries. - Supplies stellar geographical site that includes for each state, symbols, almanacs, economic data, geography, state maps, culture, government data, state news, and state forums.
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids - Provides clear, concise explications of how American government functions.
The Constitution of the United States of America - Presents the entire document.
Current Events
The Boston Globe - Presents local, national, and international daily news.
Chicago Sun-Times - Read one of the ten largest daily newspapers in the United States.
Chicago Tribune - Shares another popular Chicago daily newspaper.
CNN News - Offers one of the top Internet news services.
The Detroit Free Press - Documents local Detroit and Michigan news, along with national and international coverage.
The Detroit News - Investigate the Detroit newspaper that has been covering local and international news for more than 130 years.
Houston - Read one of the Lone Star State’s most popular daily newspapers.
Kansas City Star - Explore Kansas City’s most-famous daily news source.
Los Angeles Times - Presents news and features from Los Angeles’s premier newspaper.
The New York Times - Read the newspaper many consider the nation’s finest daily news source.
Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News - Brush up on current events with Philadelphia’s leading paper.
San Francisco Chronicle/San Francisco Examiner - Follow the news and happenings in the San Francisco Bay area.
The Seattle Times - Profiles goings-on in Seattle, Washington State, and the world.
Time News Service Daily - Combines the reporting expertise of Time Magazine and CNN for top world news coverage. - Provides local, state, national, and international news from the Casper Star-Tribune in Wyoming.
US News Online - Displays an archive of the popular weekly magazine U.S. News and World Report.
USA Newspapers - Find links to newspapers from all fifty states, as well as the world.
USA Today - Explores of America’s most widely read national newspapers, USA Today.
The Washington Post - Catch up on the latest political news in this well-respected paper.
The Washington Times - Stay up-to-date with goings on in the nation’s capital with The Washington Times.
Headline Spot - Follow all the latest stories with this online catalog of news sites.
Top Breaking News Headlines - Compiles the top news stories of the day from various online and print news sources. - Highlights top news stories for kids.
AJR NewsLink - Searches for newspapers by type, state, country, and more.
Associated Press - Shares news from the country’s largest news agency.
Online Newspaper - Find links to newspapers from all over the U.S. and the world.
Online - View news from all over the world with a database of weekly and daily newspapers.
Reuters - See breaking news, as well as financial and technology stores from this leading news agency.
The Ultimate Collection of News Links - Provides a list of online newspapers from the University of Sussex.
Yahoo Headlines - Reviews the top news stories of the day.
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