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In January 2006, every U.S. high school guidance department received Careers in Food Science, a multimedia resource kit designed to introduce students, parents and counselors to the many career opportunities in the field of Food Science and Technology, and provide valuable resources for learning about college programs and scholarships.

Download these videos:

Hear first-hand accounts from current and aspiring food scientists about their own backgrounds and careers. (Windows Media Player is required.)

What is Food Science, Anyway? (TRT 3:16)

How Did I Get Here? (TRT 2:39)

The Cool Science (TRT 2:48)

Discovery Education and the IFT would like to thank Clemson University and Sensient Technologies for providing additional footage for these videos.

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Colleges With Food Science Programs

Click here to view a list of colleges and universities offering food science majors that are recognized by the IFT, with direct links to department web sites and application information.

Featured Program: Clemson University

Food Science majors rave about the "Clemson Experience" - academic excellence, rich traditions, athletic spirit and a strong sense of family and community. And what does a Food Science major do? At Clemson, they direct team-oriented research projects such as the discovery of health-promoting natural food compounds, create their own signature ice cream flavor for the student-run MicroCreamery, and work with major food companies to design new products. If you want more out of your college experience than lectures and papers, you'll find it in Clemson's nationally recognized Food Science program. Visit our website to discover why so many people are interested in the "Clemson Experience" - www.clemson.edu/foodscience

Food Science Curriculum

A typical undergraduate student will probably take most, if not all, of the following courses:

Organic Chemistry
Quantitative Analysis
Physical Chemistry
Food Law
Food Chemistry
Food Engineering
Food Microbiology
Food Analysis
Food Processing
Product Development
Sensory Analysis
Commodities (milk,
 meat, produce)
Social Science
Foreign Language


View or print information about some of the primary organizations awarding scholarships in Food Science, or visit the web site of the Institute of Food Technologists for a complete list.

Career Information

Read through article archives from the IFT Student Association for information on careers in food science, career development, and job searching tips, or visit the IFT Career Center to learn more about finding your first job in food science.

Want to meet a few professional food scientists and learn about their jobs? Read the profiles below.
Ellen F. Bradley, Freelance Food Technologist
Robert S. Donofrio, Director of Microbiology and Molecular Biology, NSF International
Pina M. Fratamico, Ph.D., Microbiologist/Lead Scientist, USDA Agricultural Research Service
Heather Hudson, Ph.D., Director of Product Development, Bumble Bee Foods, LLC
Peter Jamieson, Manager of Applications Research and Technical Services, SPI Polyols, Inc.
Rebecca Lopez-Garcia, Ph.D., Independent Consultant, Member of Stratecon International Consultants
Nirav Pandya, M.S., Dairy Operations and Research Manager, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Jeremy Peacock and Amy Rowley, Graduate Students and National Science Foundation Graduate Teaching Fellows, Department of Food Science and Technology, The University of Georgia
Maria Rubino, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Packaging, Michigan State University
Eric Shinsato, Technical Sales Support Manager, Corn Products U.S.
Daniel R. Sortwell, Senior Food Scientist, Bartek Ingredients, Inc.
Katherine M.J. Swanson, Ph.D., Vice President, Food Safety, Ecolab Inc.
Valerie Wayland, Regulatory Manager, Flowers Foods

Salary Information

So the real question is, "How much money does a food scientist make?" The starting salary for food scientists in 2007 was $45,800, and the median salary across the industry was $84,000. Click here to see the average salaries by degree level and type of employer for 2009.

Find a Food Scientist

Click here to search for a food scientist willing to talk to you about the field, and possibly speak at a career day.

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