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What subject to you teach  Biology
How did you hear about the resource kit from Discovery Education and IFT?  My school received it in the mail
 Heard about it at an NSTA meeting
 Heard about it from a colleague
 Read about it in a magazine
 Read about it in the Discovery School
     Teacher-to-Teacher newsletter
 Found it through the
     discoveryschool.com website
Have you or do you intend to use the materials in your classroom?  Yes
Which of the following are you likely to use in your classroom?  DVD
 Teacher's Guide
Would you encourage students to visit the website to learn more about food science careers?  Yes
Please provide any additional feedback.
Do you plan to attend the 2006 National Science Teachers Association National Convention in Anaheim, CA?  Yes
Would you be interested in answering a few follow-up questions about this program to receive another free kit?  Yes

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