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Hands-On Activities
Introduce your students to the study of weather and climate with these simple experiments, which explore humidity and wind speed. The printable handouts include directions and a worksheet for students to complete.
Check out our Weather & Climate CD-ROM which includes similar activities.
It's the Humidity
Using pinecones and wide-mouth jars, students observe how the pinecones react to different levels of humidity, and they create their own hygrometers. In addition, they experiment with how sunlight affects humidity and they learn about condensation.
Capture the Wind
By measuring wind speeds with an anemometer and observing the effects of wind using the Beaufort wind scale, students will gain an understanding of the different ways we gauge the speed of the wind. In this activity, students create their own simple anemometer, using straws and paper cups, and consult a modified version of the Beaufort wind scale.