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Hands-On Activities
Your students will gain insight into viruses and how they are spread with these two simple activities. The printable handouts include directions, supplementary materials, and a worksheet for students to complete.
Check out our Viruses CD-ROM which includes similar activities.
Model Viruses
Just like their spectrum of effects, viruses vary widely in shapes and sizes. In this activity, students will create a larger-than-life model of one of six different viruses. For maximum impact, you should assign models to students to make sure that six will be created. By comparing their completed virus models, students will see how different viruses can be in size and structure.
Who's the Source of the Infection?
In this classroom experiment, students learn how a disease can spread through direct and indirect contact. Based on their results, students create a model that shows how a virus is transmitted; then they use the model to develop a plan to try to prevent the virus from spreading.