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Hands-On Activities
Your students will gain a better understanding of the light spectrum and the search for lifeon Mars with these simple reenactment experiments. The printable handouts include experiment directions and a worksheet for students to complete.
Check out our Solar System CD-ROM which includes similar activities.
On the Spot
Using a prism, thermometers, and blueprint paper, students recreate the 18th-century experiments conducted by William Herschel and Johann Ritter that proved the existence of invisible waves of sunlight. They'll see with their own eyes that there are invisible parts of the spectrum that contain radiant energy.
A Viking's Search for Life
Recreating how the Viking landers conducted their search for life on Mars is a great way for students to understand what the search for extraterrestrial really encompasses. In this activity, students add salt, baking powder, and yeast to jars of sand and then test for the production of gas when sugar water is added.