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Magnetism iconMagnetism
Hands-On Activities
Give your students a well-rounded introduction to magnetism with these two activities, which explore geomagnetism and electromagnetism. The printable handouts include experiment directions and a worksheet for students to complete.
Check out our Magnetism CD-ROM which includes similar activities.
> Create a Compass
Using a Popsicle stick, small bar magnets, and a thumb tack, students create a simple compass. Along with helping them understand how magnetism is the force that "powers" a compass, this activity also gives them the chance to test the magnetism of common objects.
> Make a Magnet
Creating an electromagnet is a great way for students to learn that electricity and magnetism are related. In this activity, they use a D-cell battery and wire to turn an ordinary nail into magnet, and they experiment with ways to increase their electromagnet's power.