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Bacteria iconBacteria
Hands-On Activities
Your students will gain an understanding of the benefits and harmsof bacteria with these simple experiments. The printable handouts include directions and a worksheet for students to complete.
Check out theBacteria CD-ROMwhich includes similar activities.
Sour Power
Observing two cups of milk?one refrigerated and one left out in a warm place?is an easy way for students explore the effects of temperature on the growth of bacteria. In this weeklong activity, students will see for themselves how non-refrigerated milk sours. You can then explain how the bacteria produce lactic acid, which causes the milk to curdle.
Antibacterial Action
In this activity, students test out the effectiveness of different antibacterial soaps by cultivating cultures of the germs that remain on their hands after they?ve washed with regular soap. The activity is a great way to introduce the concept that antibacterial soaps, which kill good germs along with bad, pose health risks.