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New Clip Art!

Animated Clips
  big smile
  computer workstation
  singing ballerina
  skateboarding to summer school
  snoozing at desk
  super teacher
  thinking cap

  art project
  art project (in color)
  big blue crayon
  big green crayon
  big rubber eraser
  girl artist
  green scissors
  paint brush
  sharp art knife

  diploma (in color)

  bag lunch
  bag lunch (in color)

  submarine sandwich
  submarine sandwich (in color)

Fun & Games
  big happy bee
  big happy bee (in color)
  book bird and book worm reading
  chewed up pencil
  dog eating homework
  lessonplan dartboard
  lessonplan dartboard (in color)
  old fashioned tv
  old fashioned tv (in color)
  reading dinosaur
  wastebasket (in color)

Language Arts
  book worm
  bookworm (in color)
  girl reading in library
  open book
  open book on chair
  reading in a tent
  reading in a tent (in color)
  small book
  small book (in color)
  thoughtful reader
  underwater reader
  underwater reader (in color)

Logos & Mascots
  apple-pencil-book border
  big apple
  big pencil
  big pencil (in color)
  black and white apple
  fax machine
  horizontal apple border
  horizontal diploma border
  lessonplan schedule
  mailed package
  open book (in color)
  paper cutter
  paper cutter (in color)
  rocket (in color)
  three-ring binder
  vertical apple border

  bust of Beethoven

  bean sprout
  bean sprout (in color)
  plant in jar with ladybugs
  plant in jar with ladybugs (incolor)
  ringed planet with stars
  ringed planet with stars (incolor)

Seasons & Holidays
  bus to summer camp
  school closed for summer
  school closed for summer (incolor)
  skateboarding to summer school
  skateboarding to summer school(in color)

Social Studies
  sailing ship
  sailing ship (in color)

Special Events
  ballons and confetti
  ballot box
  ballot box (in color)
  democratic apple
  democratic apple (in color)
  do not open desk until september
  drama comedy mask
  drama comedy mask (in color)
  drama tragedy mask
  drama tragedy mask (in color)
  election campaigner
  horizontal quill pen border
  ice cream sundae
  ice cream sundae (in color)
  permission slip
  permission slip (in color)
  quill pen
  quill pen (in color)
  school election sign
  school newspaper
  school newspaper (in color)

  baseball and glove
  baseball and glove (in color)
  football goal
  in-line skate
  in-line skate (in color)

  attentive class
  boy giving oral report
  boy listening
  fishing with book worm
  girl giving oral report
  girl listening
  pogo stick pencil
  puddle jumper
  puddle jumper (in color)
  singing ballerina
  singing ballerina (in color)
  snoozing at desk
  snoozing at desk (in color)
  thinking cap
  turbo thinking cap
  turbo thinking cap (in color)

  classroom key
  classroom key (in color)
  number 2 pencil
  red pen
  statue to teacher
  super teacher
  super teacher (in color)
  teacher's book bag

  computer workstation
  computer workstation (in color)
  portable computer
  ream of copy paper
  ream of copy paper (in color)
  secure computer
  secure computer (in color)

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